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Time to also create a topic here presenting my website.
Been using chevereto for a couple years, originally purchased to have a place where i could showcase some software.
Afterwards it was for my personal usage alongside with friends and members of my board.
Wanted something easy and fast, tried several stuff until i found chevereto and voila, here we are.

All this years there was only one incident about an auto-update, but that was probably my fault.

Website info: chevereto vanilla (as you may notice i didnt remade the tos page yet)
Image count:

Never added ads or advertised it as the goal isn't monetary.
Some time ago with it being added to ShareX as a preset i noticed traffic increase.

Tech details:
OVH cloud web with images remotly stored in a dedicated server.
Cloudflare on front for the easy dns management.

TL;DR: One, if not the most stable software i ever came along so far.


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Wow, so close of the million mark man, really neat work on your end.

Glad to know that you enjoy the software! 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿