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Chevereto Member
Hi Then I have a robot.txt file so that google does not index the system files. Because google asks for it. Thank you


Chevereto Member
Yes okay for your answer but what I wanted to know was what chevereto files to ban. Thank you


💖 Chevereto Fan
Beta tester
if you do following code like jailer said, you can write the path after / part example

User-agent: *
Disallow: /
Disallow: /images
Disallow: /albums
Disallow: /users

and so on. / means root path and with that one only it will block everything within root location.


💖 Chevereto Fan
Beta tester
But that would mean nothing gets indexed ??

Disallow: / would disallow anything below root so the last 3 lines are superflous.

Google cannot index the system files because it has no access to them anyway.


Chevereto Member
How look like robots.txt file which will allow to index all pages? So i do not want to block crawlers for my website. I want to allow all searchengines to crawl my website.


💖 Chevereto Fan
Beta tester

I was have all time in robots.txt file this : User-agent: *

So maybe i was blocked everything. OMG
no User-agent: * means all bots/agent's is counted, so it does not block as long you do not have Disallow: / after it.