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RFC REQUEST - Change/Add Thumbnails in Videos


Chevereto Member
💡Describe your Feature request

When videos are uploaded, many of them do not generate a thumbnail. In the upload process they generate small thumbnails during upload but often the main thumbs do not carry over. This feature will solve the problem of missing thumbnails for videos

👏Where did you saw this?

I saw this on Youtube

🔥Interest outside our community

Most other YouTube, Vimeo, etc. video sites allow this option
Quick question, does the missing thumbs stuff happens when you run PHP-FPM?
I don't know how to run PHP-FPM. Do you have a quick 'how to". It only happens with videos and just with some videos. When I select 120 or so videos to upload CHEVERETO shows mini thumbnails for every one on the upload page but in the main CHEVERETO they are mostly missing thumbnails and just show the name of the video file in giant green text and no thumbnail. We have thousands of still images on the same site and they all work great. The thumbs are only missing in the videos.
Thumb generation for video depends on FFmpeg, and if that doesn't return the expected results it needs further investigation. Is not that simple to debug as it could be hardware related or anything else really including corrupted files.

PHP-FPM is a way to run PHP, users have reported that in some of these systems thumbs are being generated with wrong permissions, that's why I asked about it but it seems a different issue on your case.
OK.. we installed the new 4.1.2 version. The videos that do not have thumbnails no longer have the giant text on them. It is now normal size text and a grey space where the thumbnail should be. How can we regenerate the video thumbnails or add video thumbnails to the videos with missing thumbs in 4.1.2 ?
UPDATE - After testing the new 4.1.2 version all new vodeos are producing thumbnails but the previous videos do not produce thumbnails. Do I need to delete all of the old videos and re-upload them?
Check on the filesystem if the .fr.jpeg files are there, check the permissions if files are on 0600 change permission to 0644.

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