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Dec 28, 2017
I would like to know more before getting start a Image Sharing Website.

Dear first of all I'm a NON Technical person but I really want to start a Photo Sharing Website so before start, I want to know that CAN A NON TECHNICAL PERSON HANDLE A IMAGE SHARING WEBSITE ??? I mean what type of Admin Interface you are providing in Chevereto or I need to hire a developer for the same ?

Secondly I don't have so much money to spend so please guide me what is the minimum requirement of a hosting server for Initialy image sharing website startup e.g. Minimum Required Server Space etc. ??? ... can i go with shared hosting ? Or What ? Please Elaborate me

Waiting for your reply


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Oct 7, 2008
Chevereto HQ
Why you don't just try it and figure it out? There are thousands guides and services out there, just try and see if this is for you or not. There's a free edition, try it. Get your own opinion not someone's else.

By the way, you keep asking about doing a website cheaply and the thing is that you can't expect to host a big website in a shared hosting account. Either you get a cheap unmanaged server and educate yourself or simply you forget to run this thing if your intention is to host a big image hosting website.