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Make Chevereto even more SEO and APP/Mobile ready trough PWA, its free and many websites are implementing it already, even Microsoft and Google has started working together on it.

More infos on upcoming functions for PWA:

šŸ‘Where did you saw this?

At many websites already, with the info link in the header to install the app directly trough the browser (chrome, edge..), the one would be

After the website is PWA ready, everyone is able to install the PWA APP of the Website directly trough the browser:


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I believe that @tomsit did already a PWA? I remember that I saw the "install" prompt on his website. Could be wrong, I've saw many (really) installations.

From V4 an onwards Chevereto will work as an HTTP REST API which on top of it can be used to present any given user interface. A PWA could be just one of many ways to interact with the base API and I think that it shouldn't take long to see third-party PWAs powered by V4 once it gets out.


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Yeah, it's easy getting it PWA ready. Just follow and add the google requirements for it :)