Must read Pre-sales FAQ

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Here you will find answers for the most common pre-sales concerns.

Can the software handle millions of images?
For sure, the software doesn't limit how many images you can host, and it gets constant performance improvements. Since the software support unlimited external servers, you can allocate more images with ease.

Is the code encrypted? Is the source code 100% visible?
The source isn't encrypted at all. The source code is 100% visible and editable.

What kind of server do I need to run this? Shared? VPS? Dedicated?
Any server will run Chevereto, but the kind of server that you should use depends on how big will be the website you want to build and how many people will use it. There are plenty of settings that alter how much your server will get used. You have to find the configuration that meets both your budget and user base. As a rule of thumb, use at least a VPS if you want to build a non-personal website.

Is X feature going to be added?
There's no answer to that. Development here doesn't follow a long-term schedule, so the roadmap is always changing. Generally, the very next release roadmap is published just weeks before the final release, and that's the only announcement made for upcoming features.
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