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Popup Warning for Album Deletion will Delete All images In It


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When someone is attempting to delete an album, a warning popup saying "Deleting this album will also delete all images in this album. Would you like to do this?" Ideally an option to move the images to another album would be neat in it, but, at the very least deleting the album should give a popup warning as a lot of people tend to think the "delete" button on the page is for the checked images not for the entire album and keep deleting their entire albums which make sit a mess to restore.

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The upcoming version shows a preview for these operations, I guess that the message could include the number of elements being affected (as you are deleting this album with all the 950 images on it).


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The problem is more about the wording.
I got feedback from few users last month about it. People tend to miss the Actions dropdown on the right side of the page. And "delete" text on top of the page with red text gets the attention first. Maybe renaming the "delete" text to "delete album" or "delete this album" will make it clear.



Can we do something to make this confusion go away?
Easiest way seems like renaming "delete" to "delete album".

I have another small nit-pick. It is about the new Action drop down menu. (I will open an RFC to make it more noticeable, maybe make it as a button?). When we click on Select All, that section is shrinked to just a small area that says "Clear (#no.)" with a down arrow. Now the problem is, "select all" text takes larger area, when we click on it, "clear" text sometimes comes under mouse pointer, and I personally tend to click on it more often. Not a big deal, I am slowly getting used to clicking on "All" part of "Select All" text. That way I can quickly click on it twice, in order to bring the action drop down menu.

It may not make sense. I will make it clear on RFC.


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@lovedigit this si exactky how my users feel about it. At the very least the delete translation for the album and delete button should be separates too imo.