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Hi, I'm Brad. Have just installed this. Unfortunately I hadn't sussed that it would install index.php in the root directory, and this seems to take precedence over index.html
I have tried changing the name to index2.php, but that seems to break everything. I'd like to keep index.html as the main entry page for the site, how do I do this?


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Hi Brad,

The system uses index.php as a front controller. This file is not a view, it is an application entry point so if you change the filename, you should also change the rewriting to point to index2.php.

URL rewriting for index.php can be found in the root .htaccess (Apache) or in your nginx server block.


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Thanks Rodolfo - I added DirectoryIndex index.html to .htaccess and that seemed to work without changing the index.php
Is that as good?My index.html file does a splash screen and redirect to my second level index page. In retrospect I should have installed Chevereto in a subfolder.