Multi-Upload folders with images

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I do not know if anyone has suggested this feature before or not.
Many users have thousands of images categorized in many folders.
Creating an album and uploading photos from each folder separately will take weeks or months to complete.

But this can be done in a few minutes when the folders are uploaded with images
Albums with the same folder names are automatically created.

What do you think?


Don Chevere
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It won't get any easier to upload 1,000 images via web ui because the uploader isn't intended to support a large collection of images and it eats lots of memory. To add something like this I need to rebuild all the image uploader again.

Folder upload could be added, but it will fail when the memory runs out so it won't work for what you are asking.

I think that wiser to add a FTP bulk importer instead of folder uploads. In fact, that should be released soon.

Having said that, this suggestion is Out of scope for now.
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