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Multi-tenant support (multi-site)


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💡Describe your Feature request

One of my goals with Chevereto is to offer a cloud service around it. A "SaaS", better known as Software as a Service alternative or fancy words for "to rent the software and the infrastructure to other users". The concept is to leverage the technical footprint required to use Chevereto by removing that concern and make profit by re-selling Chevereto.

During the last few years I've been doing significative efforts in Chevereto's source code to enable this business model, to name a few: (1) 12 factor app, (2) Docker native, (3) Code re-factoring, (4) ENV, (5) CLI, etc. It has been a ton of work and I think that it would be silly from me to spoil this and be the unique sole provider for Chevereto SaaS. I see lot of potential on Chevereto for aggressive expansion long as I can go easy on the licensing and working closely with those interested in this kind of business.

That's why I'm purposing the concept of multi-tenancy support, it means to share one Chevereto filesystem and database among several tenants for which you can charge money to run Chevereto.

For this I would provide a multi-tenant panel/service where you can see all your clients and manage the business from a unified location. You should take care of marketing and running instances, Chevereto will provide you the software and billing system.

If you are interested in this please cast your vote and feel free to chat with me at Discord.

👏Where did you saw this?

I've seen other projects doing SaaS but closed, centralized. I want to do something in collaboration with others.

🔥Interest outside our community

You tell me!
You've done amazing work! From what I've been reading regarding 1.0 to 4.0 now, I can understand why it's actually great to offer such a feature such as multi-tenant support. Personally, I'm all for it. I can definitely understand that after all the hard work you have done for this script/ supplement, I am beginning to actually think of something similar as well. I mean the script is well done and it has great potential. I'm all for it.