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Linktree-like customizable user profiles


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💡Describe your Feature request

There's a service called Linktree https://linktr.ee/ which enables users to create a landing page to showcase all the relevant links for a given person/company. It enables to customize the display, links and showcase the most essential aspects of a given subject. At Chevereto we already have user profiles, but these aren't user configurable and look pale compared to the customization you can achieve with Linktree.

I suggest to take advantage of the media, albums and other user info to enable users to create their own landing page and avoid the need to having to setup Linktree. If Chevereto can take links, styling, and enable users to pick content to showcase it could effectively replace the need for Linktree. For example, you could have a special album where the contents will show up on your linktree-like profile automatically.

I think I could replicate about 90% of that product and avoid you the need for another service, it will also make the system more appealing.

User should be able to configure if their public profile will be a linktree-like profile or the classic one. Heck, I could get both at the same time... Is just a matter of you driving me to the right direction.

👏Where did you saw this?

Well, the Linktree service of course.

🔥Interest outside our community

I'm seeing stand-alone Linktree clones spawning all the time, but I'm not seeing full featured systems (like Chevereto) integrating this as a core functionality. I think that this kind of new features are what end users are expecting and is just a fancy landing page. Compared with all the other systems here it feels like a walk in the park.