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Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to this forum and I've been using Chevereto for some time now. I'm currently running Chevereto on a single website that is operational, we wanted to first see whether we can create something (even on a small scale) that would generate us a profit as a business. Eventually we reached a point where it has most definitely been profitable, even though on a small scale, it's proving that the advertising revenue can well exceed the 'hosting' costs, keeping in mind everyone pays different and has different needs etc.. I'm speaking of our situation.

We launched our site in mid 2018. Initially we uploaded many images in order to get the site popullated with content, we were running Chevereto with the 'Explore', 'Random', and 'Search' options etc enabled. We spent approximately $125 on Google advertising when we first launched to get the ball rolling and gain some activity. We wanted people to start using our site, using our links and therefore advertising for us without even knowing and sending us traffic at the same time. Keep in mind we studied our Google campaign to the T, we tested ads, we ran A - B test, the works...

Fast forward to today and we are at these stats..

We are currently making on average between $3.50 - $7.00/day in AD Revenue. Mind you this is cheap hosting on our reseller account where we can literally have 50 of these sites at this size or even bigger. So it seems since our advertising, the right campaign and ads, it built momentum and it took off slowly on it's own.


  1. What do you guys do for traffic? Where do you advertise? How much do you spend?
  2. How much are you increasing in userbase monthly?
  3. Users v.s. Disk Space v.s. Income, how is it looking for you?
I'd love to hear from people who allow guest uploads and people who don't allow guest uploads to compare the results in numbers and income.

Thanks for your time and info everyone! Cheers!