1. M

    Let's talk numbers!

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to this forum and I've been using Chevereto for some time now. I'm currently running Chevereto on a single website that is operational, we wanted to first see whether we can create something (even on a small scale) that would generate us a profit as a business...
  2. S

    Offer guest to become a registered user

    I use a free version of a script for now. Some of my vizitors upload dozens of photos as guests. May be it's possible to implement such feature: - Guest uploads [X] photos per session (or Y photos per Z days), - System detects that all photos are owned by specific guest using some flag in...
  3. Saxbald

    HTML in bio

    Hi, Is there a way that I can offer my users the use of HTML (or BBCode) in their bio's? Saxbald