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It is recommended to add picture processing parameters


Chevereto Member
💡Describe your Feature request

I know that the program now supports thumbnail display, but I think the program based on the image sharing function can have more functions about automatic image processing.
For example, adding parameters to the URL suffix will output pictures of different sizes. I saw this function on an object storage website.In addition, you can combine the original functions: image watermark and thumbnail to this parameter function.

In general, you can get the desired image by calling the URL suffix

I see this function is very good, so I recommend it. The current function is also very good. I wish the program better and better

👏Where did you saw this?

This would only really work if the images were local and served through PHP or another processing script. Some CDNs allow you to change the width and height based on what you are asking, but it also costs more to serve the images using the CDN services.