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Inserting the subdomain link


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By inserting the images as website.com/i/image is it the actual image page or is it the jpg/image file?

ie: is it website.com/i/ABCDE (by default website.com/image/ABCDE)
or is it website.com/i/ABCDE.jpg?

Both make a huge difference.

What are you trying to achieve? Use full example links please.


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Thanks, but I had figured it out.

Edit: app/themes/Peafowl/snippets/embed.php

I wanted the images to display as i.website.com/ABCDE.jpg

I edited the "THUMB_URL" with the i.website URL, and that did it. I actually did this months ago prior to asking for help, but a Cheverto update must've reset the embed file and I forgot how it was accomplished.