You can configure the theme in the dashboard for things like logo, favicon, custom CSS, custom JS, etc. You can also configure your banners directly from the admin dashboard.

Add custom CSS and JS

Chevereto allows you to quick and easy inject custom CSS and JS code into your website. To do this simple follow these steps:

Note: You can also add custom CSS and JS using custom hooks.

Theme overrides

If you want to customize one or maybe just a few theme files the best thing to do is to use theme overrides. Theme overrides works by detecting an override file and use it instead of the default one. For example, to use a custom image viewer page:

Once done the system will load the override not the default view, in other words the actual theme file loaded will be app/themes/Peafowl/overrides/views/image.php

By doing this you will be able to keep changes over time in a more easier way. You will still need to push changes from the default theme to your own overrides, but it will only afect the files that you actually edited and not all the theme.

Custom hooks

Custom hooks allows to add or edit code in designated areas or segments of the theme. Default theme includes a custom hooks folder where you can add your own stuff and is filled with plenty sample files. For example, to customize the share buttons follow these steps:

Chevereto will detect your non sample files (file.sample.ext) and it will load this file into the theme.

Clone default theme

If you need more customization you should clone the default "Peafowl" theme and do your work in this new theme. To clone the default theme:

Best way to keep a track of default theme changes is by creating a local git repo in your computer. Create a local git repo with last Chevereto version and commit each time you want to merge the code and will be able to see exactly all the changes line by line. We recommend you to use SourceTree which is completely free.