Inaccurate image view count


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Over the years I have noticed that the view count in Chevereto is always a bit higher than one reported by Google Analytics. Since Google Analytics verify the user and device it would exclude all those bot views.

However, recently I came across a few images with very high image count (4K+) but just 1 view as reported by Google Analytics. So just wondering how Chevereto count image views?


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When CHV\Image::getSingle is called, you have to pass a boolean to indicate if this fetch count towards views or not. It counts before displaying the webpage. This count doesn't check bots, IPs or anything, it prints how many times the image has been fetched and it only detects if the image has been seen by the current browsing session.


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Thanks. I think the image I had in question was embed in a newsletter and was never viewed on the site.

Hope v4 will have a more accurate view counter.


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I don't care much on the views (want to get rid of it) and my site even has full page caching for Guest for 30 minutes.
So I only got a maximum views of 48 per day.

Can we disable views count?