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I never said unique visitors guys. I count visitors as total views of the pages, which is 15 million. If I meant unique I would've said unique :). I have ~50,000 unique visitors each month. 15 million total visits to the server/website. The average person views 375. But, I cannot go much further into detail without violating my own privacy policy. I take that pretty seriously.

In addition, Alexa ranks mean shit to modern SEO practices and website health. They don't accurately track websites and depend upon a very small group's viewing habits. While they state they use data scientists, they do indeed pay people to track their viewing happens a la Nielsen ratings. Alexa for ranking is just for ego and nothing but ego. I can explode my rank by manipulating Alexa. But, what's the point if it benefits be none? Alexa claims there are millions of people who use the toolbar. I have met thousands of internet users and never met one that still uses it.
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1.57 million active images. 1.81 million total lifetime (we purged around 300k due to rule violations, spam, and user self deletions).
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1.57 million active images. 1.81 million total lifetime (we purged around 300k due to rule violations, spam, and user self deletions).


Can you tell us how much traffic you have from organic search daily?


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Together, we can conquer worlds, Storyteller.

Hi everyone! So it has been a few months since my last update. I ended up having a literal heart transplant so I disappeared to focus on my health for a while. I'm six weeks out now. So along with this adventure I worked on my image host a lot. After some heavy thought and planning, I made some major overhauls to the site. Since we're so big, I had to manually update the database... 48 lines took a while whew! Luckily all those InnoDB conversions I already did those long ago! Plus, in other news we turned FOUR YEARS OLD!
  1. Clean homepage.
    • Moved random button to Explore dropdown.
    • Added Partners/Discord
    • Pushed Donate buttons out of the way, but still visible.
    • Obtained rights to the background image. It was chosen because it inspires stories, myths, and people. It feels related to the last one we used for 4 years. This is important to us, the design is a part of our soul of our community.
  2. New tagline for the site, that has meaning for my community: Together, we can conquer worlds, Storyteller.
  3. Updated branding of logo to be more sleek, professional and with the new design.
  4. Updated official name to "nickpic" instead of "NickPicHost".
  5. Several behind the scenes optimizations to the background server.
  6. I migrated everything off the storage server, and the local server to a new server. So all things are consolidated in 1 place. There are 5.1 million image files in it, crazy, right? Chevereto makes three copies of images, and I think people forget about this until they look at their image folders. It adds up quickly. This means everything is consolidated on one server, with one URL now. Our users were thrilled about this.
  7. Updated old storage server domains to point to the new server, so no links are broken! So legacy folks are none the wiser.
  8. Completely redid the Blacky colorization of Chevereto. Fun fact: The Blacky style ISNT IN THE THEME FOLDER :O I had to do some digging to find it! It's in the libraries! Blacky is way too dark and the colors are too harsh on the eyes. So it needed to be beat up a little.
  9. Embed links are first when viewing images. Disabled the annoying viewer that not a single user of mine liked. People miss the old album arrows, and don't like the new one :/.
Here are some image previews. Click to view full version :)

Now I need to stop pushing myself and rest. I just had a literal heart transplant! Haha. I'm going to spend the next few days resting. Then I need to brush up on PHP. I need to get that #1 feature my users are requesting done with! (I posted it in customization if anyone is interested).

User feedback to the new update has been overwhelmingly positive. Just a lot of feature requests like crazy. But, everyone is really cool. One thing I love about the Storytellers of nickpic, is that they are a community. We have an active Discord, active forums, etc. Everyone knows each other, and there are thousands of us. We are a community of storytellers, and this is our image host.

Happy four years to nickpic. We're going to hit 2 million images this month or April. Here's to 3-4 by the end of this year! (and many more on the file server from medium/thumbnails lol).


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Hey @ashkir, nice work you have made a remarkable progress with your project and it looks very sleek. I also like the name change, NickPicHost looks better imo. I really like what you have been doing with the software, it amazes me that you took the time to customize it taking for granted that is not that easy to customize it further. I also like a lot that you are looking for ways to engage your users rather than play Google with your content. Everything you have made is on the right track.

Seeing projects like yours( and the other remarkable ones) give me a lot of sense to my work and life because without even talking to each other we are driving systems towards the end user and we are focusing in the user experience. You are also always looking for ways to run it cheaper and you share your findings, that's awesome and speaks on how generous you are.

Keep it up!


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1,850,000 active images. We're at well past 2+million (including deleted ones). Wow!

@Rodolfo Thank you for the kind words. I'm very much liking this new design and it has had a lot of support from the user base. I'm really happy with how this is all coming out. Having thousands of active users, is tiring! I have so many requests, so I'm trying my best for them.

Thank you for all of your hard work! :D

I truly 100% believe image hosting is about the end user community. Not about the admin's get rich quick scheme. The image hosts that build a community are the ones standing the test of time. We're at over 4 years old now.