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Just some simple questions before I purchase the script.

1) Watermarking

Can the script watermark the pictures being uploaded? Or is there a plugin available. Also will this feature be available in the future and/or if I hooked you up with some extra cash can you code it in for me.


There are laws in this world prohibiting certain types of explicit images. If someone uploads an image which breaks the terms of service or I get a legal document asking me to take it down ... is there a simple way to take it down. Some thing like I just post the image link in a text area and hit a button and it gets deleted. Is this part of the script or is there a plugin for this. And again if it is not I am willing to hook you up with some extra cash if you choose to script it in for me.

3) Simple captcha or something stopping mas upload.(spam)


Looking forward to your reply.

Also feel free to email me @ me(@)sranjan (.) (com) if you would like to discuss it privately.


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izam2 said:
i like the idea of "flag as inappropiate" and block the picture for review
Yah I am trying to launch a site for a community I am part of so we can easily start sharing images. This script I have found to be the simplest way to get it done.


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Points (1) and (2) are on the roadmap, but not in the short term like the 2.0.X releases. I'm planning to make a simple admin system for 2.1 and I'm still figuring out when dB will come for the other features. Watermarking could come pretty soon.

About the bots, I have to figure out a method for stop flooding than just stop bots. I think that stop flood is more universal because stop bots and humans.



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anyway, this is script is 100% customizable, and a lots of mods ll come soon.
and if u need one , u only need to request in forum