.HEIC image suport in chevereto


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Good afternoon,

I just acquired the license of chevereto after using the trial version for a few months and seeing how fantastic and versatile it is.

I have an important doubt. Is chevereto compatible with .HEIC files? As you know, is the format of images of the iPhone, and are widely used by our users. Chevreto does not allow his rise.

Could you help me?


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Currently Chevereto only supports jpg, png, gif, or bmp.

However, it's not Chvereto that's the problem, the graphics libraries (like GD/Imagemagick) would also need to support the format. I'm not certain about this but I have a feeling that currently that can only read .HEIC files. Chevereto would need to manipulate and write files as well and I have a feeling they can't do that at present. Might be wrong, maybe someone else has up to date info ??


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More and more users are asking me to support .HEIC pictures from their smartphones.

Is it planed to be compatible with Chevereto ?

Best regards