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Google Fonts and GDPR


Chevereto Member
Hello Roberto,
not sure if this is even relevant! However, in Germany a lower court (Munich) has decided that "dynamic usage of Google fonts" (embedding them "on the fly" in one's website) is violating the european data protection laws. Although this decision is highly controversial, there is already a bunch of lawyers taking advantage of this decision and filing thousands of damage compensation requests with any number of websites!

Running through all the applications on my server, I found that Chevereto (V3) has hundreds of potential "fonts.googleapis.com" usages throughout the application. Wether they are actually active or not I cannot evalutate right away.

Maybe you can elaborate on this (and potentially provide a solution to avoid this nuissance).

Kind regards
Ruediger Schultz, Vienna Austria
Long ago Chevereto stopped using remote Google fonts, as November 2015 (3.7.0). We don't use these fonts anymore, not even local for V3 and V4.

If I remember right, the very first time I added these it was linking to Google but that got reverted immediately to a local copy because people complained about other issues (basically Google sniffing your stuff).

If you keep with updates you won't have this issue. If I were you I would be more worried about running code that's 6 years, 9 months and 22 days old than the actual fonts issue.

P.S. Who is Roberto?
Back in topic, modern Chevereto uses Helvetica and if not present it will try with Arial and then sans-serif system font.
RODOLFO of course!

I am really sorry for the misspelt name - don't know where my brain was! But, not everyone agrees that what we speak here in Austria qualifies for "German" (some call it a dialect, others separate the two languages even more), but generally you are right, it is considered "german" (maybe like the differences between "spanish" Spanish and "chilenian" Spanish).

have a good day!