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[FIX] Invalid access, use the home page of Demo Problem!


Chevereto Noob
As i'm sure most of you are aware there is a really anoying problem with the script, its not coded very well and often throws up this error because of the path, instead of having 1 complete path it wants site name then web path, if both are not set correctly, wich by default there not it gives this error "Invalid access, use the home page of Demo Chevereto to upload images." i think it was a general mistake on the coders part to not include a better help feature, and im mainly pointing at this "$DOM_SCRIPT = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; // --> EXAMPLE: $DOM_SCRIPT = 'mysite.com';" notice how there is "[server_name] thats pointless, secondly there is the example of "mysite.com" wich is also wrong and i will show you now the correct way to configure those so you wont get that dreaded error many keep faceing with no fix.


First of all you will want to open up your config.php file with a text editor, i personaly use notepad++ wich you can download free and its open source from http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ once its open you will want to find the line of code shown and highlighted on the picture below.
$DOM_SCRIPT = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; // --> EXAMPLE: $DOM_SCRIPT = 'mysite.com';

now that you have found the above code (i hope) you will want to highlight it as i have shown in the picture and copy paste this over it or remove certain parts so it matches, the line should be replaced with this
$DOM_SCRIPT = 'www.yoursite.com'; // --> EXAMPLE: $DOM_SCRIPT = 'www.yoursite.com';

Now you have that copy and pasted, and replaced with what should be there, you will want to change the www.yoursite.com part to your real web address making sure you keep the actual www.

see the problem with the whole thing was the code above, when you type a web address for example www.google.com it will always naturaly add a http:// before any of it once a page is loaded, so because we replaced the wrong code mysite.com and added www. it wont just use the code below wich tells it to use mysite.com with a http:// ending up being http://mysite.com even though the physical address is http://www.
define('URL_SCRIPT', 'http://'.$DOM_SCRIPT.PATH_SCRIPT);

Thanks for your time everyone who this may have helped, i hope your problem is fixed now and you have learnt something.

Kind Regards,