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Hi All,

I just set up a Chevereto with the sponsor hosting, TMDhosting, for photo sharing between my friends and I.

The starter plan of TMDhosting has unlimited data usage and bandwidth which is very good.
However, I found that there's also a File Usage limitation with 140,000 files.
(I can hardly find any description regarding this while register)
I think the file quota is not quite enough for running a album.

I wonder how do you dealing with this for a community online album.
Or, is there any feature of Chevereto that can put multiple photos together into a (database) file?


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To be fair, when your site hits the hundreds of thousands of images you're using around 100GB of space on average. It's time to get off shared hosting and move to a server, VPS to start then eventually dedicated around 1 million.

Almost all shared hosts have an inode limit.
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