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During install: [Warning] set_time_limit(): Tried to raise runtime beyond limit (0/180).


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I am installing Chevereto Free but I get this error:
[Warning] set_time_limit(): Tried to raise runtime beyond limit (0/180).
in /home/3/a/accountname/www/bilder/installer.php:672

Trace:#0 /home/3/a/accountname/www/bilder/installer.php:662
array (
'error_reporting' => 32759,
'log_errors' => true,
'display_errors' => true,
'error_log' => '/home/3/a/accountname/www/bilder/installer.error.log',
'time_limit' => 0,
'default_charset' => 'utf-8',
'LC_ALL' => 'en_US.UTF8',
#1 /home/3/a/accountname/www/bilder/installer.php:1501

Any ideas what this is?


Chevereto creator
Chevereto Staff
The error you are describing happens because the server doesn't allow to arbitrary set the time execution limit for the Installer. As the installation process could take long (depends on the server and network), the installer tries to remove any time limit by configuring the value to zero: https://github.com/Chevereto/installer/blob/master/installer.php#L67

Basically, your hoster doesn't allow to set an unlimited time for the process.

You can either:
Let me know if it works for you.