do chevereto have tools to prevent the photo duplicate upload?


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i still cannot find a method, even using image id or original name, cannot detect the same photo duplicate upload.

and i wanna to know, what is different between free, paid, or business mode.

i have used the chevereto very good for upload, just this moment, some upload is error, i means when i upload 1000 photos, some error that i cannot find out which one have not been uploaded, is it the problem from web hosting, not come from the chevereto software?


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You can disable the option to download duplicates in the settings. Unfortunately, there is no check for downloads, and no checks on md5, that if such a photo already has a script, it just gives its codes, rather than uploads again. This function is not enough.


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thanks a lot both, i know onedrive and google drive, can check the same photo upload or not, i hate i upload duplicate after several months for same photo series since i forgot.