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Dealing with Legal Issues


Chevereto Member

Under the laws of many countries, the IP of the person uploading the image, the image hash code and a copy of the image file are required to be given to the legal representative in order to respond to potential and potential legal requests.

💡Describe your Feature request

Due to possible legal data request, we should be able to change the location of the file in the storage for a certain period (6 months or more) even if the images are marked as deleted.
Been in the file and image hosting industry for more than a decade, I never received any request from cops or FBI.

All they have requested so far is the IP. And the crime the criminal have committed is uploading CP and as hosting provider they require us to delete the image immediately rather than preserving it as evidence.
😔 I'm unable to locate the country list and the specific use cases that I asked for in that post.

What the laws require depend on the jurisdiction, that's why you have to write your own Terms of Service. In this case I think that we should pay attention to experienced users. There are plenty installations on the million mark and as @siddharth mentions I never heard about the need for retention of CP/Copyright, which are the most common offenders.

Chevereto already keeps a record for uploader info (time, IP, user id) and image details (filename, hash, size, etc) when deleting files. It keeps a log of everything but the actual file. Chevereto also automatically removes these records after some months, as required by some jurisdictions.
😔 I'm unable to locate the country list and the specific use cases that I asked for in that post.
the page he linked seems to count within United States of America, because if you read small writing at bottom it says it varies by each state. So yeah and agreed that law is different for every country. So law in USA cannot affect a site located in for example Europe. Then law enforcement in USA is out of bounds on requesting lawful things. Then it is up to the law in the specific country where site is located at.
Perhaps another RFC here might help you to achieve what you need.
At this time you can provide this by using a feature called file revisions, it is included in storage services like Aws S3, B2 and Google Cloud. What it does is that it keeps everything, included deleted files and it won't provide public access to those.

You will have to manually remove these revisions once you are OK to remove those.