Contributors needed for Chevereto-Free


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Chevereto Staff
Dear all,

If you have followed my work you could be aware that I'm building a new Open Source version for Chevereto that will become the only edition available, ending with Chevereto-Free and Chevereto V3 duality. I've been working in that since May 2018 and it has sprout a lot of workload on my already busy day.

Chevereto V4 should be consider a completely different piece of software, not just a new major release as V4 doesn't inherits anything from its predecessor and everything is brand new. Chevereto V4 development has been my most expensive endeavor to date, but I'm confident in that is exactly what Chevereto needs to become... Is just that takes too long when you code alone on your own. Will get to that.

I realized that I will lack the time to maintain all the projects at the same pace, and that I need to give priorities and to rely in the community to achieve my goals. That's why Chevereto-Free updates will be delivered at even a slower rate from now on as I foresee that I won't be capable of keep delivering Chevereto-Free updates for some time as V4 is eating more and more of my time (and I'm really enjoying it!).

Your help is welcome, I'm looking for contributors/maintainers that could help me to deliver and test updated Chevereto-Free so updates could be more frequent.

Let me know how you are willing to help, I welcome contribution for any of the work I made feel free to talk with me at our chat.