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Today is the third day since we launched the and I decided that I was ready to present it to the community Chevereto.
First of all, I want to say a big thank you to the developer. Rodolfo, many thanks! The platform is very well thought out and with great features. Besides, I am impressed by the developer's approach, Chevereto made for people. Even the free version is very good (but we took the paid version). mainly aimed at russian-speaking users. We have a main site, and this one is as an additional project for users.
Of course it is for everyone.

As a result, we have such statistics for three days.
We use BunnyCDN and Bunny Storage for External storage. I know the opinion that ftp is outdated, but there was a reason to use this particular protocol. On the first day, after connecting, the upload speed was extremely low, but starting from the second day, the speed became good.
Also connect Moderate Content (free version), but turned it off this morning, there was a problem on their server side. Temporarily, definitely won't be able to do without it. In any case, you can turn it back on at any time.
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The users of the site are happy and we are glad. :)


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Hey @tuxcomss thanks for your kind words and for showing us how you are using the software. Very impressive stats for just 3 days, your community must be loving it.

Many thanks for trusting in my work 👍

I am impressed by the developer's approach, Chevereto made for people.
Я чувствую в тебе силу, товарищ.


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From time to time, problems began to arise when using FTP, so we decided to abandon it. We switched to Scaleway object storage, the site is running on their VPS.
We continue to use BunnyCDN, but disabled caching for the upload subdomain (I think, I read here on the forum that only statics should be cached).