Community support?


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From what I gathered in a pre-sales question I asked a bit back, there is supposed to be 'Community Support' for the free edition, which is fine and would probably address my issue, but where should one post such questions? I've only just come up with an issue with it that ONLY involves uploading images that are in portrait layout. Landscape is fine with images from the same camera.

I know you might say 'you can buy the paid version and get support' - the problem is, I don't want the paid version - not because I don't want to pay for it, but because last I checked, it literally offers nothing that I need or want or even want available. Social features? Nope. External Storage? Nope. Social Login? Nope. Manage Banners? Nope. And the amount of support I've need for it is pretty much nil. Since I got it set up last year, it's been solid. The free version does everything I need and want it to do, and it does it very well. I really like it and IMO, it beats the heck out of photobucket, even before they started blocking external linking. As I said in that previous thread, I wouldn't have an issue paying for support, but not the amount that the standard version costs, especially since that only is good for the standard paid version (which again, has fluff that I have no need want desire or use for whatsoever - don't even want it to be in any way active or usable), not the free version.


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Community Support here is for both editions (Free and Paid).