Must read Community on-going improvements (RFC are back!)


Don Chevere
Chevereto Staff
License owner
Hey there,

As V4 development is getting momentum, is now about time to involve the community in the development of the next major version of the software. I've been working in V4 since mid-2018 and during that time collaboration was closed/discouraged to don't interfere with the development process, mostly because I needed to build all the scaffolding required to build the new Chevereto, so it was a period of time where I learned a ton about test driven development, clean code, software architecture, etc.

Development took longer than expected (I know), but it happened. Chevereto V4 is under active development, and many changes are happening and I need to show you these. There's now a development section which will be used to show/organize the development around the software (actual work, internals) and it will be open so anyone can read what's going and get a better idea of the development process. For example, at this time I'm designing the new V4 APIs (yeah, multiple APIs baby! for backed, admin, and of course, user-based) and I believe that your opinion matters, a lot, so I'm going to open the community discussion in order to build better software for you guys.

Another change is that RFC are welcome again, and this time it includes the ability to vote on stuff which will help me to drive development better. As you may notice, all RFC are at vote 0, if you want to support any RFC start voting!

P.S. I got the forum nodes icons to work again and the forum display looks way better now. Sorry for not fixing this earlier.