Combating Child Abuse content


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Recently, I got noticed from my hosting provider about Child abuse content reported by I removed the content and banned the IP only to have it re-appear few days later from another IP. This time I end up getting notice from Interpol.

I have been engaging with these agencies suggest using their API Shield to automatically detect these types of contents on upload.

You may also be interested in exploring some pro-active solutions we’ve developed through Shield by Project Arachnid. The tool offers a number of API endpoints where you can submit images or URLs and receive a response as to whether or not that particular resource contains known child sexual abuse material. The solution is completely free of charge and was developed to assist service providers in detecting material and mitigating their services from being used to post/trade child sexual abuse material. Those who have engaged with Shield have seen a significant reduction in the volume of illegal material on their services. If that’s something you might be interested in discussing further or just getting access to see how it works, we can give you a link to our API with an access key to try it out and see if this is something you’d like to proceed with.

I was wondering if this could be something built into Chevereto which could benefit the larger community. I think there are other similar service like above which is also offered for free.


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The other service you mention is ImageDNA, from Microsoft but they require a US registered company and a bunch of paperwork.

Nice to know that new alternatives are out there.

I was wondering if this could be something built into Chevereto
I'm sorry but built-in for V4 applies only to strictly needed stuff, meaning that this will have to be provided in the form of a third-party plugin. I don't have the resources to keep adding responsabilities to the thing so I have to rely in others.

Hope that this could get added.


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CDN services are starting to build this in. Contact your local CDN to see if this is something they're working on. The CDN I use has it.