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Chevereto v4.0.0.beta.9 announcement

βœ… Delete actions now redirect as 303

This is a minor change, but it complies with adding status code 303 when issuing /user|album/?deleted redirections. These now return HTTP 303 instead of 200. Also, these redirects have been fixed as the system was issuing a double-redirection.
βœ… Removed PHP extensions requirements (mbstring, ds, zip)

V4 gets easier on the PHP extension requirements as it won't need neither mbstring, ds extensions which have been replaced with polyfills that provide the exact same functionality. The zip extension requirement has been removed as the system doesn't handle its self-updates any longer.

If you have issues with other PHP extensions required for Chevereto do please let me know, I want to get rid of most PHP extension requirements (doesn't apply for gd/imagick).
🐘 Improved PHP bootstrapping

V4 now does an extra step when loading PHP, and it detects if you are running PHP 8 with a clear and explicit error message:

This server is currently running PHP 7.4.29 and Chevereto needs at least PHP 8.0.0 to run.

This is way better than the usual Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting end of file in ... which absolutely says any word about the actual way to overcome the situation.
🐘 Add early detection for PHP setup

Extensions like PDO are now early detected, before being used. Now the system clearly indicates a failing extension instead of just panic.
🐘 Updated Openstack library

For those using Openstack (say hi!) this update brings support for the latest PHP sdk.
πŸ›‘ Added support for Arachnid API (combat CSAM)

Operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Project Arachnid is an innovative tool to combat the growing proliferation of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on the internet. The project was setup to scan the internet for CSAM and send takedown notice to concerned parties.

About one year ago @mkerala posted πŸ‘ Guide: Combat child abuse content using project Arachnid API (free) - which got a lot of attention. I'm happy to announce that I will officially implement support for Arachnid API in the upload layer, so it will work instantly as the content gets uploaded.

This will enable to actively report CSAM content at zero cost for you (*requires API key).

How to get access to the API?

You can contact the team to request free access to the API https://projectarachnid.ca/en/contact/
it will work instantly as the content gets uploaded

I believe this will scan the content after the upload and not during the upload right? Because it may delay the upload speed and if their servers got overloaded then the upload may get too slow.
😘 Added configurable first tab on image page

Now you will be able to easily configure the first tab for the image page. You can pick from embed codes, about and info.

πŸ”‘ Added CLI command for user password reset

Have you ever locked out? Chevereto now includes a CLI command to easy reset user passwords. If the user doesn't have a password it creates a new one.

app/bin/legacy -C password-reset -u username

And the command returns the new password:

🐚 Improved language translations bootstrapping

Chevereto now caches the available languages, before to this release it scans the language directory on every request. This should save some ms, it could be really noticiable on large traffic websites.
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βš™οΈ Added CLI command for getting setting value

Chevereto now includes a CLI command for getting settings values (database). Here:

app/bin/legacy -C setting-get -k maintenance

With this it will be easier to fetch these values without needing to access the HTTP web interface.
βš™οΈ Added database-update command, replaces install for db updates

Before this release the -C install command was used to either brand new installation + carry database updates. That changes with V4, and -C install will be used only for... Install! and -C database-update will be in charge of delivering the database schema update.
🐘 Added stricter typed settings

Settings in Chevereto are stored in its database, either as string or int. There's a column which determines the runtime parsing of these types, and now Chevereto types the return of the setting values. This means that instead of returning directly the tinyint value 0 or 1, it will return false or true, so it won't longer rely on flexible typing.

This makes the code more stricter and more predictable.