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Chevereto v4.0.0-beta.11

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Chevereto Staff


  • 🐘 Deprecated error reporting configuration
  • 🐞 Fixed bug in heading tags when using homepage split
  • πŸ‘€ Added hint about testing email delivery
  • πŸ‘½ Added admin setting to force debug errors
  • πŸ’… Improved display for private content
  • πŸ’… Improved file info display on image view
  • πŸ’… Improved style for connected accounts
  • πŸ’… Improved tabs for mobile
  • πŸ’… Renamed "Linked accounts" to "Connections"
  • πŸ’… Renamed "Social networks" to "Login providers"
  • πŸ’« Added support for Tinkerwell (REPL)
  • πŸ”€ Added option to disable Random mode for guests users
  • πŸ”οΈ Added option to disable search functionality for guest users
  • πŸ”• Removed email notification on new updates
  • πŸ₯ Added new login providers (30)
  • πŸ₯ Added TOS agreement when guest contact form
  • πŸ₯ Added TOS agreement when guest-uploading
  • πŸ¦† Refactored login
  • πŸš… Added native lazy load listings
  • 🚧 Added root level maximum limits (users, images, albums)
In this release the focus was to deliver a beta closest as possible to the final production version. This beta is a huge milestone and it pushed many important features and bug fixes.

To get started, this beta adds configurable debug error which will make debugging even easier. It fixes the SEO issues on homepage and improves display for private content, file info, connected accounts and mobile tabs. Take a peek, it looks slick now. With the addition of native lazy load listing you should experience a noticeable speed boost on listings.

The big addition on this beta is on the third-party login providers as now Chevereto supports 30 providers out of the box! It features support for all the previous providers and a ton more. The login component has been refactored from scratch.

Finally, this beta also adds support for Tinkerwell REPL which turned development into a joy. With this REPL you can develop and customize way easier than before.

I hope this beta delivers up to expectations. Do please test drive it, the more test the faster I can ship 4.0.0 production.
Not open for further replies.