Chevereto v3.18.3 announcement

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Dear users,

I'm announcing Chevereto v3.18.3 which will be focused in improving the error handling situation.

If you have used Chevereto you may have experienced issues debugging the system as before this release all the error handling was managed by the server, not the application meaning the common "white page" or "error 500" issues that always cause drama and panic on production systems. I believe that this is a problem of the user, but I will drive the change anyway towards a completely app driven error handling as I can't assume that all users will meet all the requirements to run a production web server.

I think we are all tired of such system?

This gets replaced in v3.18.3 which will drive all the error log configuration on the application, regardless of your server settings. This means that your silent server config won't mean anything for Chevereto, it will rule its own error handling.

This release also catches up with syntax updates working towards PHP 8 support. Being honest, full support for PHP 8 will take long to become a reality as the syntax breaking changes (from 5.6 to 8.0) are massive and I anticipate many small breaking changes. Please note that PHP 8 support is now experimental, it could break. If reliability is what you want you will be better to stick with 7.4, for now.

Nevertheless, my commitment is to provide Chevereto V3 with full support until Novemeber 2022 meaning that PHP 8 support must be provided sooner or later.

This work-in-progress has been already uploaded to the demo, access to beta testers should be enabled this weekend.

Chevereto v3.18.3 pre-release notes
  • Adds env handling for system variables
  • Adds application-based error reporting
  • Adds support for Docker
  • Syntax improves (PHP 8)
  • Improved graphic library error messages
  • Removed JS and CSS minify system

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