Chevereto v3.15.1 announcement

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Don Chevere
Chevereto Staff
License owner
Hey there,

3.15.0 was released one week ago, an almost flawless release but it still needs some fixings. This is the announcement for the first revision in 3.15.

Chevereto 3.15.1 pre-release notes
  • Added login required for theme tone toggle
    The theme tone toggle doesn't stay for guest users. I think that it will be better just to ask login.
  • Added automatic mobile menu close for tone toggle
    The mobile menu will now close automatically when you click the theme tone toggle
  • Improved display of tone toggle (hidden in homepage landing)
    Homepage as landing doesn't really have any effect on the theme tone toggle so it is now hidden.
  • Fixed bug in theme tone dashboard setting [12099]
  • Fixed bug in class.sftp.php [11093]
  • Fixed bug in image viewer [12102]
  • Updated Chinese Traditional, Dutch, Indonesian and Turkish

The revision should be released later today and you can see it in action in the demo.


Core license
License owner
I wish you can add a check box after pics gets uploaded by guests or users authorizing their pics to be public or opt-out and have them not load or appear in route explore

Thank you


Core license
License owner
Light/dark toggle is great! Hoping to get an option to switch logo colors as well. My current logo works fine on dark theme but not so good with light theme. We should be able to upload two logo versions.
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