Chevereto v3.12.4

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Chevereto 3.12.4 (2018-12-04)
- Added album image sort A-Z [10452]
- Added configurable upload mode (JS or single /upload page)
- Added support for recaptcha V3
- Added user name sort A-Z
- Deprecated modal login (everything now triggers /login)
- Fixed bug in album creation [10655]
- Fixed bug in album editing [10716]
- Fixed bug in form-album (duplicated IDs)
- Fixed bug in internal pages [10630]
- Fixed bug in password gate (error message)
- Fixed bug in subdomain wildcards [10639]
- Improved Dashboard listings (universal sort options)

Affected files and folders (from 3.12.3)
- app/app.php
- app/loader.php
- app/install/
- app/lib/
- app/routes/
- app/themes/Peafowl
- content/pages
- lib/Peafowl

Check README.txt file and for install or update instructions. If you edited some or part of the affected files merge your changes.
Not open for further replies.