Chevereto v3.12.0

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Chevereto 3.12.0 (2018-11-06)
- Added bulk content importer
- Added manager role
- Added new login/sign-up page design
- Added dashboard option to force HTTPS
- Added guest albums
- Added WoltLab to PUP list of supported software
- Added binding for guest content when user logs in
- Added fixed "Save changes" button on Dashboard > Settings
- Added internal only redirects
- Added password strength color indicator level
- Added support for Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (external storage provider)
- Added support for Azure Storage (external storage provider)
- Added support for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage
- Added support for hreflang [9695]
- Added support for subdomain wildcards for languages and user profiles [10441]
- Added support for universal S3 providers
- Added top shadow mask for cover backgrounds
- Changed global theme font (Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif)
- Deprecated "Keep me login" option (always keep login now)
- Fixed Chinese language handling [10279]
- Fixed bug in dashboard view (website name error display)
- Fixed bug in isSafeToExecute function
- Fixed bug in listing viewer when using endless scrolling
- Fixed bug in multiple login sessions (cookie conflicts)
- Fixed bug in storage migration tool [10255]
- Fixed bug in user editing [10291]
- Fixed bug in user settings (change roles)
- Fixed bug with cover flickering (scrollbars)
- Fixed bugs in Spanish translation
- Fixed memory issues with imagecreatefrombmp [10349]
- Fixed minor PHP 7 compatibility issues
- Fixed missing fb:app_id (Facebook app id)
- Improved Dashboard navigation with better document titles
- Improved header centering (flexbox)
- Improved homepage split landing (now list trending and support pagination)
- Improved listing performance by using "seek" method [10220]
- Improved menu animation for mobile
- Improved top bad display for mobile
- PHP minimum version supported 5.6
- Updated Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, German, Russian, Spanish and Thai translations
- Updated G\

Affected files and folders (from 3.11.1)
- app/app.php
- app/content/
- app/install/
- app/lib/
- app/routes/
- app/themes/Peafowl/
- lib/

Check README.txt file and for install or update instructions. If you edited some or part of the affected files merge your changes.
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