Chevereto 2.0.1


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Chevereto 2.0.1 (2011-06-15) release notes
- Fixed issue with "Select files" when using UTF-8 characters (original post)
- Removed empty language folders
- Added support for Dutch and Norwegian languages
- Improved French translation (original post)
- Improved debug mode (it nows shuts off the 'display_errors' directive)
- Fixed a security issue regarding full path disclosure (tweet) (secureless)

Upgrade from 2.0 | Affected files & folders
- includes/chevereto.php
- content/languages
- content/themes/Peafowl
- content/themes/Peafowl/pages


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wah... congrats to the dev crew... few hours after official release, you brought up with new update tough... :D


The Chevere Guru
Chevereto Staff
novexx said:
I have edited my theme, wich code you are added in the theme ???
At the top of each .php file:
<?php if(!defined('access') or !access) die('This file cannot be directly accessed.'); ?>