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Bug with the plugin dedicated to the automatic insertion of images into forum phpbb

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Chevereto Member

I'm writing you regarding an issue that I observed when uploading images into my website.
I installed your plugin into my forum and I also purchased the chevereto license.

It randomly happened that the link is not inserted into the message following the upload of an image.
However, this image is will uploaed into the website chevereto. This bug does not seem to be conditioned by a particular format or size of the image.

I tried to modify the php.in in the following way but it does not solve the issue:
- max_execution_time: 50
- memory_limit: 512

Do you have any recommandations for solving this issue ?
Thank you for your consideration.


I'm afraid that you need to provide more details on this.

1. Website where PUP is installed.
2. Browser where you are getting this issue.

I tried to modify the php.in in the following way but it does not solve the issue:
- max_execution_time: 50
- memory_limit: 512
PUP works entirely on the client, it won't be affected by any of these settings.


Sorry for this late reply, I'm french and does not write very well in English, so a friend is making the translation.

The most concerned navigator is Firefox, but it happens on every navigator. The issue can happen for the same person with the same configuration. It is a really random bug, I can send 10 times the same image and maybe one out of 10, the link for the image won't show up but the image will be present.
Here the address for the forum where the plugin is installed: https://forum-francophone-linuxmint.fr.

Thank you for your consideration.


We can see on the video that the image is well uploaded but the link does not insert into the message.
However, the image is present on my chevereto website.
As I said, it randomly happens. For the same image, it will succeed after several trials, i think it is more related to the communication between the script and the forum.
Here the link for the video: https://e-nautia.com/share/85910-u4kz0yy5
Being honest, is really hard to debug this because you can't tell in which client window the problem is going on. Also, you mention that the issue happens in several different web browser and I never was capable of getting the error even once.

Maybe your forum loads extra JS when you are an admin like you? Maybe you installed third-party extensions that conflicts with the JS in your forum? Like I said, this is really hard to debug and the most important thing is that I'm unable to replicate the issue.

I'm sorry but I can't fix what I can't see. Try to enable your browser console to detect any js issue there.
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Hi Rodolfo!
This problem exists in my forum too. Sometimes links to images are not inserted into the post, although they are uploaded to the server. Users complain. Need a solution to this problem.
I'm sorry, but I've been unable to replicate the problem. I can't do anything if I can't replicate the issue at my end.

Try with a browser without any extra extension to see if there's any conflict with these.
Unfortunately, this ticket has more than seven days without a reply or feedback from the original poster. We will now consider this ticket abandoned and its now closed.

Don't hesitate to create a new ticket if this matter is still causing you issues.

Ticket closed.
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