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Allow multiple users to upload photos to the same album


Chevereto Member
💡Describe your Feature request

Allow an admin to create an album for a group event. Allow users to upload their photos to same event album.

👏Where did you saw this?

Shutterfly groups allowed this but has been discontinued.

🔥Interest outside our community

There are a ton of similar groups to ours that would like to have a private photo gallery with this feature.
I have a great interest in this feature, perhaps the single largest missing thing. I really want to setup organised albums for events that everyone can upload to, because categories don't quite fit the needs. They don't have total image counts, are way too public in the Explore menu, get unwieldy with super long dropdowns once you have too many of them, etc. A shared album would be perfect and, in my opinion, very required.

Giving categories more features is also an adequate solution in my opinion. Giving them a more proper homepage where we can add info just like albums and see their image count, allowing to hide them from the main menus and making it easier to search inside a long dropdown of categories during upload would already solve the majority of problems I have with using them as a public album kind of thing.
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