1. gilhin

    How to show albums and sub-albums hierarchically?

    Dear, I have just installed Chevereto 3.X via Docker. My main purpose is to share some memories with the family. To do so, my idea was to setup albums and to add sub-albums where this would be senseful. The albums should be protected with a password so that anyone accessing the main album would...
  2. darkufo

    Suggestion: Add Filter for the Add to Album List

    After you have added some images and want to add them to an existing album, you are presented with a simple dropdown menu of all your existing Albums. After a while this list can become very long. My suggestion would be to add a type-ahead filter/box to automatically filter the list as you...
  3. V

    Adding Albums link to homepage

    Hi All, stupid question, how can i set a link to show albums on the homepage, either directly or via the /albums URL? I've had a look here: and note the demo link /albums no longer works. I have the route.albums.php file and can...
  4. A

    Wildcard Domain - Albums Page 2

    ▶🚶‍Reproduction steps Go to a user's page with a wildcard domain. Attempt to navigate to "Page 2" of their albums. 😢Unexpected result <li class="pagination-next"><a data-pagination="next" href=";seek=ppJdf"><span class="icon...
  5. kuzzzma

    Dashboard>Images - Add to album action

    Not sure if this is a bug report or a feature request 💡Describe your suggestion Currently, when viewing images through Dashboard - there's an option to assign category to selected images, but there's no option to add/move them to album Option "Add/Move to album" appears when viewing via...
  6. kuzzzma

    Photo management improvements

    💡Describe your suggestion More options for photo management: - tags for photos (searchable on website, with highlighting content by 1) the same user and 2) all users ) - photo can belong to more than 1 album - photo can belong to more than 1 category - timeline view (sorted by upload date and...
  7. kuzzzma

    [3.17] Choose Image for album cover

    Describe your suggestion Ability to select album cover from album images (right now the first image is used by default) Where did you saw this? as in Flickr, Koken and many others
  8. P

    Inconsistancy in Album Searching

    Hey, here's something that's confusing: If I enter "album:none" in the upper left main full-site search bar it seems to return images that are not a part of any album, but since it's the site-wide search you can't set them to an album from here. If I enter "album:none" in the slightly lower...
  9. T

    Private to Album

    Having done a few uploads to my Chevereto lately I've found that the way it seems to handle uploads for registered users is a bit lacking. When uploading you can select whether it is private or public, but if you select private then it does not give you the option that the public upload gives...