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Add AVIF support


Chevereto Member
Chevereto currently has support for webp uploads. Like webp, I purpose we add the ability to upload avif.

AVIF is currently supported by Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Android also supports it.
All modern web browsers now support AVIF.. except for edge?

Including Safari on iOS (and experimental support on mac)

Will we be seeing avif support in Chevereto V4?
AVIF support would be amazing, but compared to WEBP, doesn't support animation such as apng or gif/gifv (as far as I know).

There will also be filesize differences, sometimes AVIF will compress it better, other times WEBP.
Any progress on this feature (or JPEG-XL) ?

Then again chrome banished JPEG-XL so we won't be seeing that mainstream anytime soon.