A few questions


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A few questions.

1. I couldn't find the option in the free version, but when you upgrade to the paid version, do the options for grabbing the embed code show up in other places? For example, if you upload a picture to this site imgbb.com, the option to grab the embed code is more convenient because the option is available immediately if you press C, etc. Would my instance automatically change to be like imgbb? Or does the free version also have this option? I've looked but couldn't find a setting that pertains to that.

2. Is the very front page the only Adsense banner location or are there any other ad locations? Is that currently the only way to monetize a free image hosting site?

3. If using Google Adsense, does this type of site get approved by Google when applying for Adsense? I applied for an Adsense code using a video downloader script and they sent me a generic rejection for thin content or something.

4. If there is a way to monetize this, I would start promoting the site and the $5 siteground shared hosting probably won't cut it...What type of hosting would I need switch to initially to have a fast site from the start? Or do you have any ballpark rough idea of when a $10 Digital Ocean droplet would start to slow down? For a nmage hosting site with low to average use, would I need to think about upgrading after 10 users or 100 users? I don't know much about hosting, if the site starts to get busy, is upgrading hosting on something like Digital Ocean, a one click type of upgrade? Or would you have to migrate your site to a new server to upgrade? If they're virtual servers it seems like you wouldn't have to migrate each time to upgrade but I have no idea.

Ive been using imgbb.com to host images for quite a while and I always thought it was a custom one off site because I've never run into any other image hosting sites that looked exactly the same. But having used that for so long gives me assurance that the software is rock solid.



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Hi @jeffc

1. That is a standard setting, available in both editions. It is called "redirect on single upload", I've just disabled it on the demo.


2. There are a lot of ad spaces. 19. You can also add banners in the free edition but you have to edit the theme directly.

3. Google Adsense could be hard to get approved as image hosters have a low text/body ratio.

4. Definitely you need to check @ashkir who runs a neat setup very cheap. Usually you need to worry about storage when you are around 250k images or so, it will depend on the kind of pictures being uploaded.

You don't need to migrate the server to expand its storage, you simply attach new storage. Each storage can include CDN on top which also reduce the the cost of serving the the images.

Server migration should be carried when the CPU doesn't hold it anymore, which is very odd. In those cases the process is just like any other migration (DNS update, db backup and restore, move files). All that process is on your own.

Migrations in the same server are trivial for most providers, at DO it is a breeze.

Hope it helps.