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Aug 2, 2017
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We are having an issue with what for us is a fairly common use case.

Often times, we (admins and members) are uploading entire album dumps (e.g. of an event) - maybe hundreds of pictures.

Like any (desirably) automated process, we may not be at the computer for the entire time it's uploading.

The problem is that Chevereto has a 2 step upload process: first you select the images to upload (drag n drop, file picker, whatever), then their previews populate, but then you have to click the button when they're done to actually upload them, otherwise the upload process is abandoned.

This is problematic for us because as I said, a lot of time, these are big album dumps which means that even though this initial stage "merely" loads/displays the images from the computer, because of the sheer number, this step in the process itself can take a very long time, and a lot of time can go by before we even remember to check on the progress. Often times, by the time we check on it, the images will all have loaded, but the process will have timed out (and the request is not remembered), so when we click the button to "commit/finalize" them, they don't upload, and we have to repeat the entire process until we just so happen to be around within whatever period of time we have to click that button to actually upload them.

By the problem's nature, I can't tell you that we're always there within 5 (or any concrete/consistent number of) minutes of the upload finishing so as to just increase PHP variables (nor do I think doing so would be a great idea unless as a last resort). I'm also hoping the solution isn't just to tell people "try half an album at a time, if that doesn't work, try a quarter, etc." - partially also because they intend to upload them all in one period of time and in one go, and may not have time to keep checking back every X period of time to resume the manually segmented upload process.

So, I'm wondering if there's another way to resolve this.

Can we perhaps eliminate the Upload button and make it - like many major image hosts these days - that images just get uploaded when selected?

In my view - or at least in my case - the presumable reason for 2-step (editing/unselecting images to upload) is redundant since the decision to upload them (a) is implied by their selection; plus (b) can be cancelled in the next step or deleted later; and (at least most of) the image details can always be updated after uploading.

Or is there perhaps another solution?


▶🚶‍Reproduction steps
  1. Select files
  2. Go away
  3. Come back
  4. Cry
  5. Repeat
  6. Get lucky with timing 2 days later
  7. End loop
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See above; technically a timeout, but UX based.

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