🤩 Singles' Day (光棍节) sale now in Chevereto! 50% discount on all licensing


Don Chevere
Chevereto Staff
License owner
Dear all,

Now there is the chance to get the best image hosting software in the market for a fraction of its value!

Paid Licensed Chevereto does more stuff, with a heavy focus in high-end usage and including an extra layer of support. On top of that, you can be sure that the software will be without any malicious intervention, your valued data remains private.

Chevereto is a mature project and it keeps improving with constant updates. The software is made by an indie developer, so you can be sure that the money goes straight to build better and more software.

This is a time limited offer! Don't wait until is late.

P.S. Tell your friends! I need to make money for V4.



付费许可的Chevereto可以做更多的事情,重点放在高端用途上,并包括额外的支持层。 最重要的是,您可以确保该软件不会受到任何恶意干预,您珍贵的数据将保持私密性。

Chevereto是一个成熟的项目,并且随着不断的更新不断完善。 该软件由独立开发人员开发,因此您可以肯定,钱会直接用于开发更好的软件。

这是限时优惠! 不要等到很晚。

附言 告诉你的朋友! 我需要为V4赚钱。