1. Rodolfo

    More support seats?

    Hi there, I'm wondering if you need more support seats? Like when you get license you get support only for one account. There could be the case when perhaps you want someone else to deal with support, not from your account but with the same attention I give to licensed customers. I just want...
  2. hellophy

    How to fix SMTP error please HELP ME?

    HOW TO FIX THIS ONE Email mode SMTP How to send emails? SMTP recommended. SMTP Exception>> SMTP Error: Could not authenticate. SMTP server and port 465 Invalid SMTP server SMTP username Invalid SMTP username SMTP password SMTP security SSL CHECK IT NOW...
  3. hellophy

    Hello Everyone Please Help me Solved for this Issue?

    Hello Please resolved this issue so anybody help me? Aw, snap! Internal Server Error [] - my site =
  4. Rodolfo

    Chevereto 3 Long Term Support

    Hey there, I've just announced Chevereto 3 LTS. Hope you like the news, please let me know what you think. Cheers, Rodolfo.
  5. 9

    Bought Core version. How to upgrade from free?

    Hi, I just bought the core license and I want to know how to upgrade from free to core version without loosing files from site. Is there any chat support for those who bought from you? Thanks.
  6. I

    Testing - Need mass upload API Help

    Hello. Trying out this product for two reasons... None the less I would like to mass update pictures, and I'm familiar with PowerShell but not PHP. That being said, I've been able to use the API to upload from an URL, however there are references to being able to use __Files to do it from the...