Must read Sunseting Chevereto-Free


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Chevereto Staff
Dear all,

I have decided to sunset Chevereto-Free by the end of this year. This means that Chevereto-Free will stop getting updates by Dec 31 2021.

I've taken this decision as Chevereto-Free not only drives awkward compatibility issues but it also tells the world something we aren't. Open Source never worked for us, it doesn't drive development, users don't engage and they rarely became part of the Chevereto Community. Simple as this: Open Source is not a right fit for our application.

Unfortunately, Chevereto-Free has tell the world a wrong message and many don't even know the difference between Chevereto editions. This is counter productive for the software product, and it has caused a permanent damage in the image of the project and what users know and understand about the software we make.

We won't afford anymore an edition that is damaging the image of our real software.

What now?

Starting now, the project including all its tooling and extras will be exclusively focused in the paid edition. This affects the installer, Docker, docs, deploy, everything. We won't longer provide any tooling for Chevereto-Free anymore and we will strip it everywhere.

What if I'm a Chevereto-Free user?

Chevereto-Free releases and old tooling will be still available in the existing repositories. We won't delete anything previous released software, we just won't develop Chevereto-Free any further.