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Stopping Spam


💖 Chevereto Fan
💡Describe your Feature request

Image hosts are being abused by SEO people by creating accounts, upload images with keyword title, and linking their domains in the website.

If we have integration with services like https://cleantalk.org/ it will help the website in a more effective way.

1) stop spammers from creating an account
2) stop spammers making comments on the images

👏Where did you saw this?

WordPress gets abused a lot as well, and these plugins save lots of work.
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👽 Chevereto Freak
Stopforumspam is already integratred. You can enabled it at dashboard > Settings > External Services.

I do agree that we need a better spam protection.


💖 Chevereto Fan
It seems StopForumSpam is not effective. I am using CleanTalk for my other website and they are too effective as I dont see any spam registration or comments.

DarkTexas 🦄

Chevereto Member
I can agree with siddharth that cleantalk offers a very good spam protection speaking from the experience I have with them.