Sharing galleries without link or password?


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Hello! First time posting here

I've been looking for gallery software, and I found Chevereto. So far I like it, but I have just one question before upgrading to premium.

When creating an album, I can set album privacy.
Private (Just me)
Private (Anyone with the link)
Private (Password protected)

I really want to share it with users on my website. Let's say a family member create an user on my website. Then I want to share the album "Family" with that user. No password needed, they just sign in and are able to look through the album. I then invite an friend to my website, and give him access to the album "Friends". No password needed.

I assume with "Private (Anyone with the link)", they first have to register on my website, and then I have to give them the link. I assume they're only able to look at the album through the link (Meaning they have to keep the link stores somewhere (added to favorites), or ask me every time they need the link)?

So to summarize my question:

Can I give access to album X to user A, B and C, and access to album Y to user D, E and F, without needing to share a link or password?

Thank you!


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Unfortunately not, the 4 options you list are the only options.

Private (Anyone with the link) users do not have to register to see.

Password protected albums are really what you want, it's easier than signing in, only box to fill out - password, signing in means two boxes, user name and password and the user has to register on top of that.

Create album X add password send to suer A, B and C, add more photos any time you like, create album Y add password send to user D, E and F, add more photos any time you like.