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Must read RFC rules

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Dear users,

Use this section to suggest new features by clicking on the "Post thread" button. You will be prompt with a template, which you may fill like this:

šŸ’”Describe your Feature request

Dear community: I want to purpose to consider the addition of support for TIF image format.

šŸ‘Where did you saw this?

Some image hosters already support TIF including Flickr, 500px and others.

šŸ”„Interest outside our community

Many photographers like me use TIF to store raw images, if Chevereto can support TIF I can skip the process required to convert the images and being able to share those directly with the world. I think that the interest in this could be significant.

This template aims to provide the base context required understand the suggestion, specially why you think that is relevant to add it to Chevereto and why it should be considered.

Note: If you don't care to fill the template, don't expect to get the RFC topic approved. This is a community driven software used in many different contexts, other users of this community need to be able to understand your context to participate in the discussion.

Request the community (not @Rodolfo)​

Describe your suggestion in a manner that most users of the software will understand your idea. You must write your idea in a way that everybody will easily understand, so most users of the software can share their thoughts and provide feedback.

Thread approval​

If your feature request thread is approved, it will be opened for discussion where everybody in this community will be able to show interests. This is required so the community on its own, determines which is more/less required.

Vote: It is encouraged that all customers interested in any given feature vote on RFC. The more interest (votes), the better chance to approve the request for development.

Note: We reserve the right to determine in which requests we may work on.

Request approval​

Once a request thread gets approved it will be moved to Accepted requests section. This sections holds all the requests that have been accepted and currently under consideration for future development.
Not open for further replies.